WEBB CITY, Mo. — “Webb City High School” continued its annual arts and craft fundraiser, Saturday.

The event has been a staple for the community for six years.

Due to the pandemic, the fair had been suspended since 2019.

This year, 24 vendors participated, featuring jewelry, baked goods, and many other items.

This event also ran in conjunction with the school’s ongoing basketball tournament.

“We want to be able to help these small businesses, we want to be able to just help them out, offer them a place that they can have one central location that they can show, you know, show what they are selling and maybe, you know, and maybe expand their business. And kind of help us out too with our fundraising,” said Susan Fodor, Webb City Project Graduation Coordinator.

Speaking of their fundraising, all money raised, today, will go towards Webb City High School’s Project Graduation night celebration.

If you’d like to donate to that cause, you can contact the committee through their Facebook page, here.