WEBB CITY, Mo. — It was a year to remember for a community produce operation.

The Webb City Farmers Market has now been in operation for 23 years, but if you thought it couldn’t become even more popular, along came another record milestone.

During 2022, vendors’ sales went well over $800,000.

But Acting Director Stefanie Thomasma says Webb City residents alone aren’t the only ones responsible for the market’s success.

“66% percent were in a ten-mile radius, 77% said they don’t shop at any other farmers market, that Webb City is the only one they shop at. So yeah, there’s a lot of local support but we’re also getting 33% are coming from outside of that area,” said Thomasma.

While the market is open every Saturday year-round, the market kitchen is open weekdays and has served as a bakery incubator for Mary’s Berries, and business is booming, especially around easter.

“Oh yeah, we have completely maxed out on our booking for Easter orders. But honestly, that’s all due to this kitchen and farmers market because they do promotions so whenever you are doing your farmers market stand, they actually promote that you’re going to be there. They take photos of your items and your products. They really do help get your name out there with the word of mouth around here,” said Mary Birchfield, Mary’s Berries.

“We couldn’t ask for better customers. Our customers, they come, they bring their friends, their families, their kids, they eat breakfast, they visit, they listen to the musicians and they become our friends,” said Karen McGlamery, Ten Year Market Volunteer.

“We’ve had such great dedicated customers and vendors. We’ve got customers that have been coming since we opened in 2000, and so I think that it’s just that there’s more of an interest in locally sourced produce and locally sourced you know resources, that’s growing in popularity,” said Thomasma.

“We have a great board of directors and community members and they’re always thinking about how to make it better, how to make the customer experience better,” said MCGlamery.

The market is open every Saturday, year-round, from nine to noon. It’ll start opening on Tuesday evenings in a few weeks, and into the summer on Thursdays.