WEBB CITY, Mo. — High school seniors were in the spotlight Wednesday as the National Merit Scholarship Program names its semifinalists. While it’s a long list nationwide, there are just a few names here in the Four States.

“I’m a semifinalist for the National Merit Scholarship,” said Truman Oaks, WC Semifinalist.

Something Webb City senior Truman Oaks had to keep secret until the official announcement today.

“It feels really nice. I’ve been working hard all throughout school. My mom always told me it would pay off in the end, but I guess I finally believe it,” he said.

An accomplishment he’s celebrating with one of his best friends, Evan Garrison, who’s also a semifinalist.

“It completely shifted my college list. I had one that I was like, ‘Okay, we’re going to try to figure out how to pay for these schools where it’s going to work itself out’ and now I’m able to look at completely different schools and have a lot less stress about it because it’s like schools paid for and that’s an awesome feeling,” said Evan Garrison, WC Semifinalist.

This is the first time ever Webb City High School has had two semifinalists at the same time, something they’re not taking lightly.

“That’s a process that starts off with about a million and a half students. And at this point is cut down to 16,000. And we have to have a right here at Webb City High School. It was great news to hear but not shocking news to us at all. We know what these guys do on a daily basis and super proud of them and super thankful to get to work with them on a daily basis,” said Jeff Wilke, WCHS Principal.

Meanwhile, Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School is also celebrating; they have four names on the list — including Nathaniel Curtis, Ryken Garren, Nico Carlson, and Phoenix Wade.

The Four States is also represented in Nevada by Sylvia Rainey, Jaxson Robinson of Girard, and Daniel Riachi of Pittsburg.