WEBB CITY, Mo. — Negotiations between both the cities of Joplin and Webb City continue when it comes to the Zora Street project.

At tonight’s city council meeting in Webb City, a motion was passed to grant authority to the City of Joplin if it has to condemn property in Webb.

It’s something that had to be established first before any construction by the City of Joplin is done on the property.

The project includes the intersection of East Zora Street and North Duquesne Road for Joplin, and South Hall Street for Webb City, from Range Line Road to Highway-249.

Part of the project would entail a new roundabout, new lights, stormwater improvements, and the widening of East Zora Street.

“In the interest of public safety, utilities that are necessary for the growth of a city, that property be taken from a property owner at fair market value. They go through a process of what’s called condemnation that will set a fair market value for that property if they can’t come to terms,” said Carl Francis, City Administrator, Webb City.

Again, it would only be necessary if condemnation, in fact, comes into play.