WEBB CITY, Mo. — Webb City voters are now on a list of those deciding whether to tax marijuana sales.

In fact, there are more than a dozen Southwest Missouri cities and counties with a marijuana vote in April.

Nine cities and seven counties in Southwest Missouri are asking for a three percent local marijuana tax on the ballot.

It’s an option for all Missouri cities and counties but must be approved by voters to take effect.

The city of Neosho is on the list.

“There’s always a use for the extra income for the city. There are projects that can be done. I can name several of them right now that we just love to be able to pick up,” said Richard Leavens, Neosho City Dev. Svcs.

The option of a local tax is part of Amendment 3 approved by Missouri voters last November, the measure that authorized recreational marijuana.

It also allows cities to ask for a ban on recreational marijuana sales in city limits.

But the ballot question would only apply to sales, recreational use would not be affected.

“If a community doesn’t want recreational marijuana, it can deny it in the city, but it won’t change anything around the area. So if say Joplin were to be denied in Joplin, people could drive down here and get it or to Carter Carterville or something like that and pick up recreational marijuana,” said Leavens.

Counties asking for the marijuana sales tax include Jasper, Newton, McDonald, Barton, Vernon, Lawrence, and Barry counties.

Along with Neosho, there are eight more cities.

In Jasper County, that’s Joplin, Carthage, Webb City, and Carl Junction within Jasper County.

Others asking for the 3% local tax – Lamar, Nevada, Mt. Vernon, and Monett.

The question will go on the April 4th ballot.