WEBB CITY, Mo. — A leaky lake is getting extra attention this weekend in hopes of patching the problem. Webb City workers are tackling a couple of mine shafts that have opened up in Paradise Lake at King Jack Park. Extremely low water levels are giving them a chance to fill them in with rock and concrete. Crews are hoping to get it all set before the weather takes a turn next week.

“If the rain holds off between now and Monday, which it looks like it’s going to – we don’t know, this is going to fix it. But we’re certainly going to try before the rain comes back in. Once the rain comes, those holes will be back underwater. We just want to try and see if we can slow the water loss we have here,” said Carl Francis, WC City Admin.

This is just the latest in a series of repair jobs at the lake — but workers are optimistic this time will slow or end the ongoing water loss.