WEBB CITY, Mo. — For the first time ever, “Webb City High School” hosted the “Missouri State Rifle Championships”.

Almost 200 students from 16 different school districts across Missouri participated in the three-day event.

Today’s competition tested participants’ skills in shooting air rifles in the standing, prone and crouching positions.

it was also held in Webb City’s brand-new archery and rifle range.

“Webb City School District was nice enough to build us this nice new facility with these electronic targets and the spectator displays that we got as part of the range. It’s one of the only facilities like this, definitely in the state and there’s not a lot of high schools around that have as nice of a facility as this, so it’s really great to have it,” said Dustin Elder, Sr. ROTC Instructor, Webb City Junior ROTC.

These competitions are also meant to encourage leadership skills and work ethic for students.