WEBB CITY, Mo. — A local road expansion project is in the works, one that sits on parts of both Joplin and Webb City.

The intersection of East Zora Street and North Duquesne Road for Joplin, and South Hall Street for Webb City, from Rangeline Road to Highway-249 will see extensive work.

Among the additions — are a roundabout, new lights, and stormwater improvements.

The project has been divided into three phases.

Phase one will cost $1,300,000 and is expected to start this summer.

Phase two — at $3,500,000 — is also expected to start this summer.

The final phase won’t see construction until the summer of 2024, and will cost $3,400,000.

Last month, The City of Joplin received a $4,000,000 “Governor’s Grant” to be used only for construction.

“That the City of Webb City would allow the City of Joplin to do all property acquisition. We would give them the rights to do all property acquisition, and they would fund the project. That was the agreement in 2015. Today they’ve approached the council and requested us to consider a cost-share, and I’m sure that our council will,” said Carl Francis, City Administrator, City of Webb City.

“Between then and now, of course, a lot of years have passed, and things have changed. And it’s never too late to see if Webb City would like to participate financially, it just makes the project better. That allows us to do more things,” said Dan Johnson, Director of Public Works, City of Joplin.

Officials from both sides say they believe they can work out the logistics of this project, as they have with other projects in the past.