WEBB CITY, Mo. — Some Webb City kids experience something many of them have probably never seen before.

2nd graders at Harry S Truman Elementary had a special visitor, today, from the Wyandotte Nation.

They’ve been learning about Native Americans and their culture and were able to learn more about both firsthand from Joshua Garcia.

Things like some of the traditional clothes worn, handmade pots, tools, and other items, and music.

Close to 100 students took part in this throughout the day.

“We, as teachers, we can do fun experiments and things in the classroom, but being able to do something hands-on and get the kids involved and see it, just really helps them learn,” said Brittany Sewell, Harry S Truman Elem. 2nd Grade Teacher.

The school has worked with the Wyandotte Nation in the past to do this for the kids.