WEBB CITY, Mo. — Webb City emergency responders are also making sure school officials are prepared for the worst.

“That’s our number one goal is to make sure that our students that are able to learn in a safe environment and go home to their families every day. Same with our staff,” said WCPD Sgt. Josh Smith.

That’s why about a dozen police officers, firefighters, and paramedics are back in class. They’re getting a firsthand look at Webb City High School.

“Kind of walk through our facilities and get a get some other perspectives of some security measures that we can take and how we can always do better, but we try to do as best we can. We always want to get better. And when you invite in other perspectives, other viewpoints it benefits us a lot more,” said Smith.

The campus visit is part of an ongoing effort to update the school district safety plan.

One goal is to make sure every first responder is familiar with all 11 Webb City schools.

“New staff, as part of our normal process, we’ll bring them into our buildings and help them to walk through so that they kind of get a better idea of the layout. But every opportunity that we have, from there on to bring it back in to help with that familiarity. help familiarize with our buildings, the layouts, or students or staff,” said Smith.

The safety plan review started months ago.

This tour marks the final school tour, one of the last steps in the update.

“We want to make sure that people are familiar with our plans with our layout and this is just one step in the process. We think that this is really important though, we hope nothing ever does happen but if we have an EMS or something that needs to come in, they know where to go. They know how to navigate our buildings,” said WC R-7 Supt. Dr. Tony Rossetti.

The district is also working with an outside agency in an audit of school safety measures.