WEBB CITY, Mo. — A focus on water needs as Webb City continues to grow.

This (below) is the current water tower, located near the corner of South Hall Street and Route-171 in Webb City.

There used to be a well next to it, which was built in the 1960s.

It was shut down about 20 years ago, because the casing, or inner lining of the well, became damaged.

Officials say it offered a great quantity and quality of water.

Public Works officials believe it’s still a good area in which to drill, but the work could come with a price tag of close to $400,000.

Council members and city officials are looking at this as a proactive measure in order to be able to keep up with the likely high demands of water in the future if the city keeps growing at its current rate.

“We are running some of our wells at 20 hours a day right now, and, you know, we just need to increase capacity. We are utilizing our connection with our partner at MOAM, which we appreciate. But you know, we’d like to continue to increase our gallon-per-minute capacity city-wide. We’re going to drill it, test it, check the volume, and then make the decision after that on whether or not we want to put a well in,” said Carl Francis, City Administrator, Webb City.

Council members, tonight, made the decision to complete the drilling, casing, and water testing.