KODE/KSNF — The November election is now over, unofficially, while the painstaking work of verifying results continues.

It’s an even bigger task this year, given the high voter turnout across the Four States.

Jasper County saw totals around 42%, beating the early prediction from County Clerk Charlie Davis of percentages in the upper 30s.

The midterm turnout ranks high on the list in recent years and is also significantly higher than, for example, the 2014 midterm. That 2014 election had a mere 28% voter turnout.

“It is the third largest turnout. Of course, the presidential 2020 was the largest election in U.S. history and it was no different in Jasper County. In the midterms of 2018 was 52.97% and then we had the 42.67% this election. Proud of our voters, we had a good turnout,” said Charlie Davis, Jasper Co. Clerk.

And it wasn’t just Jasper County. The lines were long pretty much everywhere.

Newton County hit nearly 47%. Crawford County, higher than predicted, was 43%.

As for Cherokee County….

“Weir saw 39%, Scammon was at 53%. A couple of the townships like Crawford saw 61%, Salamanca saw 60%. You’re outer rural areas showed at least a 50% voter turnout. So great turnout for a midterm election,” said Rebecca Brassart, Cherokee Co. Clerk.

The turnout for Cherokee County, 43-percent.