AIRPORT DRIVE, Mo. — Crime numbers were low for the Village of Airport Drive last year — with traffic-related issues front and center.

2022 totals from last year, show car wrecks and careless driving topped the list of complaints in the village of airport drive. And, there were just a few dozen reports for assault, burglary, and stealing.

Jasper County Sheriff, Randee Kaiser, says traffic enforcement will continue to be a focus in what is one of the county’s busiest spots.

“Obviously, there’s a large volume of traffic that moves through that area. I think in the last survey done in by the Department of Transportation — it was in the top three or four in the county as far as areas that have a high traffic flow, Stone’s Corner — I don’t think it’s any secret it’s one of the busier intersections in the county,” said Sheriff Kaiser.

Airport Drive also saw nearly a thousand calls for service in 2022.