JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin Walmart store at 15th and Range Line was extra busy Thursday to help hundreds of children and seniors in need. Smiles and excitement filled the store for the 29th Annual CFI “Truckload of Treasures” holiday shopping spree. CFI associates showed up with wish lists in hand to shop for gifts, toys, and other necessities for 300 local under-served residents. Those recipients are chosen by the Joplin Salvation Army.

A $15,000 employee and independent contractor giving campaign makes the shopping spree possible.

“We’ve been able to attract and bring good quality talent to our company that really has a passion for their community. And, ultimately, what we do is we raise money every year to be able to support our local communities for those maybe who are less fortunate than what we may be,” said Greg Orr, CFI President.

“I love to help our community. I love working for CFI and what we stand for and community. We call ourselves a family. So, getting out here and helping others and getting out in our community and supporting them. I love doing that,” said Amanda Lynch, CFI Human Resources.

A grand total of $41,000 was raised through the giving program, allowing seven other local charities to also receive $1,600 donations each, as part of the event.