KSNF/KODE — January 3rd is one for history books — as far back as 106 B.C. in fact, to the birth of Cicero, a prolific writer, Roman statesman, and philosopher who had a grand influence on the evolution of political ideals. Though more relevant and arguably more life-changing is this day in 1977, when Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs incorporated Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple evolved from a micro start-up of a few college dropouts inside Job’s garage to over a trillion — yes, a trillion-dollar company, and industry leader. Apple has had an incredibly innovative influence on personal and business technology.

Without this day in 1777, there would be no modern tech Apple to harvest. General George Washington led Continental forces into a raging battle against the British army near Princeton, New Jersey on January 3, 1777. This became known as the Battle of Princeton and is the second battle soldiers fought within two days. It is said this battle changed the course of the Revolutionary War. Against many odds, the Americans had destroyed three of England’s most skilled regiments.

Before George Washington, there was Leonardo da Vinci — an artist and engineer famously known for his artwork titled, “Mona Lisa,” “Proportions of Man,” and the “Last Supper.” On this day in 1496, he tested a flying machine by the name of “ornithopter” — with no luck.

The invention was to be man-powered by a pulley system. The wings were over 33 feet long and designed with inspiration from winged creatures, in particular a bat. Though this endeavor was a bust over 500 years ago, a modern version was created from da Vinci’s ideas sourced from creation.