NEOSHO, Mo. — Today the Neosho Arts Council hosted its fourth annual ArtCon.

The event was bigger and better than ever.

ArtCon had more board games and the crowder eSports team sponsored tournaments all day.

“We hope we put out there its another form of fine arts that we are promoting.” said Jackie Kenny, Neosho Arts Council Secretary.

Saturday afternoon sixty vendors were in attendance at the fourth annual ArtCon at Neosho Junior High.

“The city actually gave us a grant to help with expenses in terms of bringing in people. And we want them to see that something that is not as traditional of an event can still bring in a lot of people from around the area,” said Kenny.

All the money raised will go towards the Arts Council’s project of restoring three murals in Neosho.

“I think the best thing I see out of it is young kids and teenagers can come and see that people are making a living at doing graphic novels and doing these prints and things like that. So they see its more than it’s fun I like art class. It really can be your profession,” said Kenny.

ArtCon had a Q & A panel with Bryn Apprill who has voiced more than 250 characters over the past eight years.

“Thank you so much for your support. Everyone goes through periods where they feel burnout no matter how cool and exciting their job is. But coming out here and meeting you guys and seeing how much these shows and these characters mean to you it really does make it worth it and it gives us this renewed energy,” said Bryn Apprill, Voice Actress.

The event wrapped up with a cosplay contest with three winners for the kids, teen and adult competition.

“My anxiety gets so high coming into these because I feel like I have to protect my title, but it’s just a lot of fun. You get to see a lot of different costumes and everybody’s so excited about what they made,” said Jamie Robinson, Cosplay Contest Winner.