JOPLIN, Mo. — World Mental Health Day is next Tuesday.

“The goal of the World Mental Health Day is sort of twofold. First to identify it as an important part of people’s day to day experience. It’s critical to talk about it’s an important topic overall, and it affects everyone worldwide,” said Del Camp, Ozark Ctr. Chief Clinical Ofc

And Del Camp says small steps can make a big impact in maintaining your mental health. It can be as simple as improving your diet and exercise.

“Getting physically active as you as you can does take the edge off of things like depression and anxiety,” said Camp.

Better sleep can also make an impact, within limits.

“Sleep is great. But it’s interesting because the more you pursue sleep, the more difficult to catch it seems to be. So, there are some specific techniques and tricks, but, but definitely sleep is an important part of how we feel better as people,” he added.

He adds even making sure there’s some laughter in your daily routine.

“Listen to comedians, watch a funny movie, do you know carve out some time to laugh because that is really very healthy,” Camp said.

But also reaching outside yourself to help others.

“Volunteering is a good one. But you don’t necessarily have to do that. It can just be more meaningful or thoughtful interactions with someone else where you really are genuinely trying to find out how they’re doing or how you can be helpful to them,” said Camp.