SENECA, Mo. — Seneca students were in class today.

That may not seem like a big deal… Except this is only the second Monday on campus since the start of the school year.

It’s Seneca’s first year testing a four day school week. And having Monday free is a bonus after all these snow days.

“You see more and more schools doing it,” said Dr. Brandon Eggleston, Seneca R-7 Superintendent.

And for the Seneca School District, it’s been a good switch. But Dr. Eggleston says it’s been an adjustment.

“Have additional time in the classroom, and then when things are being taught. And so, that’s what we had to make adjustments on the teaching side of it. But that’s gone well, too. I mean there’s been the adjustment the teachers have made. They’ve done a tremendous job and I really think it’s benefitting our students.”

Classes are normally scheduled Tuesday through Friday. Mondays are free, which leaves then open for things like making up snow days.

“But we have three total days that we’ll be making up using Mondays. And then we’re using the AMI days as well,” continued Dr. Eggleston.

Once a month, Mondays are used for professional learning for teachers.

“So that’s when they’re meeting and they’re discussing and they’re looking at student performance and they’re having their staff meetings duirng that time as well.”

And the four day school weeks seems to be helping with one of the biggest goals – attracting and retaining teachers.

“I know last year, coming into this school year, our application count was a lot higher than had been in the past. And currently our turnover rate is at a 15-year low for last school year,” added Dr. Eggleston.

They add they’re on track to continue that trend of a low turnover rate this year.

At this point, more than 100 Missouri school districts are using the four day school week calendar.