FT. SCOTT, Kans. — Fort Scott residents got the chance to voice some of their concerns this evening.

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall held a “Town Hall” at Fort Scott Community College.

Topics ranged from COVID-19 to border security.

“I want the people of Kansas to know I am fighting for them. Whether it’s for a stronger economy, for good jobs, to stop inflation,” said Senator Roger Marshall, (R) MO.

Monday night Senator Marshall held his second Town Hall of the day at FSCC.

“Just to listen to people as I try to prioritize of all the things I can work on. What should I be prioritizing? Just to have some real life examples that I can take back to Washington and share with other congress members,” said Senator Marshall.

Dozens of residents came out to ask Senator Marshall about his stance on hot topics like coronvirus vaccine mandates.

“From day one I’ve encouraged people to get the vaccine and I’ve encouraged the booster as well. But I’m against mandates. I do think that healthcare is very personal and as a physician myself, I want to have a relationship with the patient. The patient and physician should be able to decide these issues,” said Senator Marshall.

Senator Marshall also addressed concerns about voter fraud and ways to make voting more efficient.

“I think integrity of elections is the backbone of the American system. I want to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. I want to increase the integrity of the elections and support Voter ID,” said Senator Marshall.

Senator Marshall will host eight more Town Halls this week.

“It makes me feel good that he came here to find out how the people think of our community here in Fort Scott, to get our views here on certain things that we need to know,” said James H. Oliver Jr., Fort Scott resident.

His next one will be at Midwest Fertilizer Learning Center” in Chanute at Noon.

To see the full list of locations you can follow this link here.