JOPLIN, Mo. — Local drivers with electric vehicles now have a new faster option to power up.

The Big Apple Travel Center hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for the DC Fast Charger. This is the first of its kind in the Joplin Metro Area, offering an electric connection for any plug in E.V. That can use a DC fast charge.

State leaders are excited to see this recent expansion for the electric charging network.

“We wanted to remove that fear from drivers that they could you know travel across the state and be able to charge their EVs,” said Brenda Wansing, Mo DNR.

“The speed for a level 2 charger that typically EV drivers have installed at home is that four to six hour time frame to get a full charge, where these chargers will do that in less than an hour,” said Robin McAlester, Liberty Utilities.

The charging stations are part of the “chargepoint” network of sites, which are scattered across the country.