CARTHAGE, Mo. — Jasper County finances are under the microscope today after an audit of the millions of dollars the county spends every year and how it all breaks down.

It’s good news for Jasper County as the report points to a clean bill of health.

“However, after a transfer into the fund from other funds of $5.7 million, there was an overall increase in the general fund balance third line from the bottom thereof $4.5 million which brought the general fund balance up from over two million to start the year to just over 6.6 million at the end of the year,” said Andy Marmouget, K.P.M. CPA.

Just the start of a good report for an audit of finances in Jasper County.

“We’re also required to bring to the attention of the commission if any financial statements came to our attention to indicate there were any material weaknesses in your current controls, and I’m pleased to report to the commission this morning that we did not note any non-compliance,” said Marmouget.

An outside firm of C.P.A.S went through the books.

Their report breaks down changes in the sales tax and how the county law enforcement sales tax is doing.

The accountant said there were no problems in the records under review. He is also offering suggestions to implement best practices in everything from county contracts to cybersecurity, which commissioners are taking very seriously.

“I’ve went to meetings about that. There is insurance you can bind. So I go to our insurance company, and they said you’ve got everything you need, and our IT guy said you do whatever you want to do, but he said I’m on top of everything I can possibly do,” said John Bartosh, Jasper Co. Comm.

Implementing best practices has been a big priority in recent months after the city of Purcell got a bad review from a state auditor for some of its financial dealings earlier this month.

the firm KPM has been auditing Jasper County records for the last few years.