DIAMOND, Mo. — In Diamond tonight (12/1), parents, teachers, and law enforcement receive the latest information regarding a rapidly growing problem among our nation’s youth. A community presentation hosted by Russ Tuttle, President and Founder of the “Stop Trafficking Project,” took place in the gymnasium of Diamond Elementary.

The adult-only seminar covered many aspects of domestic minor sex trafficking, including how the internet and social networking apps have made it simple for kids and teens to hide their conversations and activities from others.

Those who attended were shown examples of how easy it is for our youth to become involved in trafficking. Attendees were also taught ways to identify the many different signs of trafficking, and were given the tools to help keep students safe.

“The message is not for our kids to be afraid when online, the message is to have a proper understanding that when you’re online, we need you to be a hero and we need you to watch for certain patterns so you can keep yourself safer and kids that you care about, safer as well,” said Russ Tuttle, President and Founder of the Stop Trafficking Project.

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“Kids are our future and we’ve got some bad people that are going after our future, basically, and I think parents need to see what their kids are involved in, definitely with their phones,” said Neosho resident and parent, Justin Moorhead.

Tomorrow morning (12/2), Tuttle will show a trafficking presentation to Diamond High School students, followed by another presentation that’s geared toward a younger age group: The kids of Diamond Middle School.

You can find more information on the Stop Trafficking Project, HERE. A link to the Stop Trafficking Project Facebook Page can be found, HERE.