JOPLIN, Mo. — The Jasper Newton County Republicans hosted its annual Lincoln Days.

Tonight’s event looked a little different than its normal dinners, with a focus on the upcoming election.

The community heard from more than a dozen candidates who are running for several races.

“I’m running for Congress because we are in crisis and our state deserves someone with a proven track record of standing up and fighting,” said Vicky Hartzler, running for Senate.

Saturday night candidates running for U.S. Senate, the 7th Congressional District and State Auditor spoke in a candidate forum at Calvary Baptist Joplin.

“I was the first attorney general in the country to file a lawsuit against communist China for unleashing the COVID pandemic. I was the first attorney general in the country to sue Joe Biden for stopping American energy independence,” said Eric Schmitt, Running for Senate.

13 candidates had the chance to talk about their beliefs and plans for the future.

“Instead of talking about the problems I decided to get engaged and do something about the problems. I ran successfully elected and for the last 12 years I’ve been serving in the Missouri legislature. I’ve got a record results. We fought in the trenches and we made Missouri the most pro life, pro gun, pro police. We cut taxes and we made record funding for our schools, roads and bridges.” said Dave Schatz, running for Senate.

Some in the Senate race took their two minute introduction to set the record straight.

“Vicky ran an AD that she’s the lifetime conservative in the race. That went all over me. I took it personal I went and i looked it up at ACU rating, American Conservative Union. I was 87 lifetime which I knew. Vicky has not been considered conservative on fiscal issues she’s a 78 tied with Liz Cheney,” said Billy Long, running for Senate

Each candidate answered questions that were created by the audience.

“It’s not a Presidential year but there’s so many important issues. Hopefully they’ve been able to narrow down a candidate they feel like they need to vote for.” said Alan Griffin, Chair of the Jasper County Republican Central Committee.

The night capped off with the Jasper Newton County Lincoln Day dinner fundraiser.

“The funds will be used to fund the upcoming campaign and later after the primary we’ll open a headquarters. That takes a lot of money and the search is just beginning.” said Griffin.