NEOSHO, Mo. — A rare creature washed out of the spring at the Neosho National Fish Hatchery last week.

This “bristly cave crayfish” normally doesn’t see any daylight, as they don’t have eyes, but during the heavy rains last week, he was washed out of his cave. The biologists at the fish hatchery would not have been able to put him back in the cave because the water would flush him out again.

Bristly cave crayfish are white and blend in well to hide in darkness.

Hatchery officials say he has gotten to be pretty popular.

“But he’s rather famous. Lot’s of folks have stopped by the hatchery to see him. And we here have been babying him and hand-feeding him so, he’s turned into a little big of a celebrity, so I would very much like to have him on permanent display, as long as that keeps him healthy,” said Jennifer Cutillo, Education Coordinator and Outreach Specialist.

He has been relocated to an aquarium tank at the hatchery, where visitors can see him.

In case you’re wondering, officials have not yet given him a name.