PITTSBURG, Kan. — A PSU professor has been recognized as being a top mind, but this educator’s influence goes further than just the classroom.

“Without the students we are nothing. So it feels amazing and the support from the university and support from the students we get that is the key to this achievement,” said Dr. Ram Gupta, Associate Professor, at Pittsburg State University.

That’s what Pitt State Associate Professor Dr. Ram Gupta says about being named as one of the top two percent of scientists in the world according to a list from Stanford University. Something his students say inspires them.

“Just seeing somebody like that, who was able to have the presence of the inspirations and kind of know what’s going on that really inspired me to kind of double down on my track and maybe even pursue higher education,” said Allen Davis, PSU Graduate Student.

“I would describe him in a few words as hardworking, very dedicated, and caring for his students and his fellow co-workers,” said Teddy Mageto, PSU Graduate Student.

Dr. Gupta says his goal is to make sure his students are prepared for life after college.

The most important part of our University program is that we provide not only education but we get hands-on experience. So that’s the reason most of our students in their last semester get a job offer,” said Gupta.

And that type of success is helping the Pitt State Science Department grow.

“Well university program is growing we started a new program in polymer chemistry that in the first year, like a few students, now we have many graduate students in this program,” said Gupta.

“We got with the US Economic Development Administration we got another $1,600,000 with a $400,000 max from the university so we got another $2,000,000 to put all new equipment. If you get a chance to go around and take a look at the laboratories’ all-new state-of-the-art testing equipment in here,” said Tim Dawsey, Director of the National Institute for Material Advancement.