JOPLIN, Mo. — Pitt State students in Electrical Technology performed some maintenance at Ronald McDonald House Thursday. The Ronald McDonald House started the partnership with PSU six years ago.

Thursday, students worked on outlets and changing out light switches.

Associate Director for Ronald McDonald House says the partnership has been a win for everyone.

“It’s what I call a win-win partnership because they’re getting hands-on practical experience for the field they’re going into. And for us, we’re
able to get a lot of electrical work done in a very short amount of time. And so it’s just a great collaboration with PSU,” said Tara Horinek, Associate Director, RMDH.

“It’s an awesome thing for us to be able to do, you know. We get to come in, you know, today we’ve been swapping out switches and receptacles. And you know, as far as hands-on experience, it’s a good intro to doing it in the real world,” said Christopher Bicknese, PSU Student.

This is the third time this year students have performed maintenance work at Ronald McDonald House.