JOPLIN, Mo. — They may make you feel chill, but they can cause real health problems for man’s best friend.

What is it?

Now that recreational marijuana is the law of the land in the Show-Me State, the Humane Society of Missouri is encouraging marijuana users to keep their products away from not only kids, but animals too.

They say dogs are much more sensitive to the effects of THC, which is the chemical which provides users with a high, than humans.

Now before you say, ‘well something like this could never really happen,’ well it actually has. Animals have been brought to this clinic under the influence.

And Jessi Medeiros says it’s no laughing matter.

“So hyper salivation, seizing, they can have pupil dilation, tremors, they can seem a little stumbly at times. Those are all pretty good elevated heart rate, those are all pretty good indications that some type of toxicity is goin on,” said Jessi Medeiros, Vet Tech, Academy Animal Hospital.

Depending upon the reaction the animal is having, Medeiros says it may be necessary to induce vomiting to get the chemical out of an animal’s system as quickly as possible.

And at least one area medical marijuana retailer urges his customers to keep their products away from man’s best friend.

“It is hard on them, I have seen a dog eat an edible before and it is it the effects on it was way greater than what I’ve seen on humans so make sure your THC is out of hands of those,” said Jon Thomas Buck, Co-Owner, Stateline X One.

And if you think baking marijuana into food would counteract the THC, Mederios says don’t bet on it.

If it happens to your animal, she says contact your vet as soon as possible.