Big announcement, today out of Pittsburg State, as it’s partnering with another university to, in part, make law school a little more affordable.

The “Three Plus Three” program is a partnership between the university and Washburn.

To graduate from law school, students get a four-year undergrad and then spend three years pursuing a law degree.

Thanks to this, they’ll only spend three years at Pitt, before transferring to Topeka for three years in Washburn’s School of Law, shaving off, of course, one year, but also, a year of tuition.

“And after the six years they’ll have their Pitt State Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Washburn Law Degree, they’ll save a year’s worth of Pitt State tuition and they’re also guaranteed scholarship dollars from Washburn Law,” said Christopher Childers, PSU School of History, Social Sciences.

“We’ve always had really good students come through from Southeast Kansas and from Pittsburg State especially and they’ve been great law students so I’m excited about formalizing the pipeline here,” said Dr. Jeffrey Jackson, Washburn University School of Law.

“As the Kansas Supreme Court is this week launching a rural justice initiative to address the shortage of attorneys in rural areas in particular, and so one of the things we will be looking at is innovative programs like the Washburn’s 3 plus 3 program to increase the number of attorneys in rural areas,” said Marla Luckert, Kansas Supreme Court Justice.

The hope is that this will encourage students from the Southeast corner of the state to work in rural areas once they graduate.