PITTSBURG, Kan. — Pittsburg students get creative with color to help increase safety on city crosswalks.

Four Pittsburg elementary schools are set to receive updates to their crosswalks with an eye-catching mural.

Meadowlark Elementary was the first on the list to be upgraded — along with George Nettles, Westside, and Lakeside Elementary schools.

Students and volunteers from Pittsburg, along with PSU’s Art Department chairmen, will be painting the streets in colors you usually see on the road every day but in an abstract pattern.

What first began in 2018 from an SEK Art Fest grant has continued due to leftover paint and funds.

PSU’s Art Department chairmen say it’s important to continue doing this as it provides more awareness to students using the crosswalks.

“I mean, we started it initially because there’s a lot of research that says people slow down if crosswalks are painted in a kind of artistic way. And so we kind of pitched it as a mural project initially,” said James Oliver, PSU Department of Art Chair.

The painting will continue each Sunday until November 5.

If you’d like to be a part of the creativity, you can get in contact with the PSU Art Department at 620-235-4302.