PITTSBURG, Kan. — Pitt State’s new AmeriCorps member hosts a live presentation at the Natural History Reserve Laboratory and Raptor Care Facility.

Gizelle Sisson was recently named the first AmeriCorps member for Pitt State, and the naturalist for PSU’s Nature Reach program.

Part of her role is to educate students about different aspects of our environment.

Today (Friday), Sisson led a live bird presentation for students in the Environmental Life Sciences class at Pitt State.

“First and foremost, it’s an appreciation is what we’re wanting from the people that we talk to, but it is also good to know general information about the wildlife around them. Especially if they’re out camping that way if they come across an animal like a crested, they’ll know what to do,” said Gizelle Sisson, PSU Nature Reach Naturalist/AmeriCorps Member.

All of the birds at the facility are being actively trained.