PITTSBURG, Kan. — School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean people stop learning on an area university campus. And they’ve come from all over the world to do that.

One of the only places in the world you can learn firsthand about a metalworking process called “investment casting” is on the campus of PSU. And for the 21st year, the university is hosting a 9-day long training session on the process that creates products that affect our daily lives.

“We use to manufacture hip implants, knee implants, jet engine components, uh, you use them every day yet you don’t know where you use them,” said Rus Rosmait, PSU engineering professor.

Among the participants is Miriam Lopez from a company called POK Investment Casting in Mexico.

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“I’m going to come back to Mexico and I’m going to make like a presentation and I’m going to teach all these basics of investment casting to my, uh, for the new, uh, product engineers that are starting to work in POK,” said Miriam Lopez, employee of POK Castings, Mexico.

But if you think someone coming from Mexico made the longest trip to get here, you aren’t even close to being right. There are 30 participants total, two from Korea and one, Michael Cahill, who works for Johnson and Johnson in Ireland.

“So we manufacture orthopedic implants, so primarily we manufacture knees, so you know our big thing in our company is just making patients’ lives better, so if I can understand more things here, it’s all for the better, it’s the only industry certification for investment casting, so it was a no-brainer really to come here, it’s a good course and it’s well run,” said Michael Cahill, Johnson & Johnson, Ireland.