PITTSBURG, Kan. — Students in the Construction Program at Pittsburg State are making contributions to the community.

“You sit in the classroom all day, and you know, you can do the math, you can do the numbers and stuff. But being out here actually doing the work is a big difference,” said Austin Roberts, PSU Senior.

Pittsburg State University’s Construction Management Capstone Course has been making some real-world contributions, like working for Habitat for Humanity, to provide a new house for a Frontenac family.

Wednesday morning, some of the students were working on restoring a 270-foot cart path at the Four Oaks Golf Course.

“Just figuring out how to manage the project from start to finish. And it’s a great program to get you on the right track if you’re looking to get into the construction industry,” said Roberts.

“It’s helped us the most because it’s just such a broad spectrum. You pick up on a little bit of everything, go into this program, there’s just nothing that you feel like you don’t know anything about. You know, something about everything coming out of here,” said Payton Lane, PSU Senior.

A project like this would normally cost around $10,000.

“One of the many things that you learn up here, you get a lot of hands-on experience with, you know, running, surveying equipment, figuring out how to do batching work for concrete. And then, you know, all the way down to the more technical stuff with construction, with working on contracts and costing projects,” said Roberts.

“It’s crucial; you need that going out into the workforce. Like us graduating in December, it’ll be great to have a little bit of hands-on experience to get ready to go come December,” said Lane.

Both students say the Construction Program at Pitt has helped prepare them to be successful after graduating.

“My favorite thing about the school is just everybody’s there to support you. Everybody wants to see you succeed and do a good job. And if you put in as much as you can, they’re going to help you do whatever they can,” said Lane.

“It’s been a good experience getting to work in a team aspect and just kind of trying to figure it out. As students and with the help of our advisors. But just being able to get out here and do the work hands-on has been nice,” said Roberts.