PITTSBURG, Kan. — Friends and family of Justin Krogen rallied outside of the Pittsburg Police Department this morning.

Krogen was murdered on August 20th, in a shooting outside a Pittsburg bar.

His family and friends organized a peaceful rally hoping to bring more attention to the ongoing investigation.

Krogen’s sister was an eyewitness and immediately identified the shooter to the police.

According to the Pittsburg Police Department, they have received many tips and have identified a person of interest. They have not released the name of the suspect.

Krogen’s family says they just want justice.

“It’s going on like I said it’s going on three months the 20th that he was shot with a witness. Shot in the chest twice while his sister held him bleeding to death and died right there on the front doorstep,” said Robert Taylor, Krogen’s Uncle.

“And we want Justice for Justin because he didn’t deserve to die like this, he deserved better. We just need you guys to take action, we need the police to take action. Every time I post their pictures on Facebook they say that they’re in Parsons, I never get any responses,” said Melanie Geier, family friend of Krogen.

Taylor adds they’re in support of Pittsburg PD but they want answers on why the suspect’s identity has not been released to the public.