KSNF/KODE — A Kansas program is working to help individuals with serious mental illnesses find jobs.

It’s all part of the Crawford County Mental Health Center and I.P.S. partnership.

The Individual Placement and Support Program, better known as I.P.S, assists individuals with mental illness to achieve competitive, integrated employment of their choosing regardless of their background characteristics.

“A lot of people struggle with just having self-esteem and confidence that they can work when they have a mental illness, maybe they have been out of the workforce for a number of years so then they question what their ability and strengths are,” said Victoria Hensley I.P.S. coordinator

“I would say that there’s probably a pretty significant need. We have a large base of clients that we see at Crawford County and I know that a lot of our clients are not stably employed,” said Michelle Coulter Morrell-Director of Adult Services.

The program invites individuals who are dealing with mental illness to reach out as it is a way to get them involved with the community and gain employment confidence.