PITTSBURG, Kan. — The more you know about someone’s past, the better you can provide services for them in the present and future.

Social work students at PSU learned about Native American history in the Sunflower State courtesy of a guest speaker.

Dr. Alex Red Corn is a citizen of the Osage Nation and is the director of the Kansas Association for Native American Education.

He says it is not a question of if these future professionals will encounter Native American kids and adults on the job, it’s a question of when.

“Kansas has a long history with American Indians and since it was formerly a place where a lot of American Indians were forcibly moved through, uh a lot of people in educational systems don’t fully understand that history and it’s not just about the history though, it’s about the ongoing presence in the modern the modern lived experiences of American Indian people in this state.”

Red Corn is also a faculty member at Kansas State University in Manhattan,” said Dr. Alex Red Corn, Osage Nation Member.