PITTSBURG, Kans. — Pitt State’s Department of Music gave many high school students an opportunity to perform and receive feedback in the KSHSAA Regional Large Ensemble Festival. The event has been ongoing for decades, organized by the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA).

Sixteen bands and orchestras, and thirteen choirs gathered on campus to showcase their talents in front of official KSHSAA judges inside the Bicknell Family Center for the Arts and the McCray Hall. Each band will receive a rating of one through five, as well as feedback on how they can improve.

“I think it’s important for a lot of reasons. I mentioned that they get the feedback from the judges, I also think it’s important for a lot of these schools there are in a town and they play for their community and it’s kind of like a little isolated event. They don’t really get to go out there, but I think it’s important here. A lot of the bands stay and see the other bands. So I think it’s important just to kind of see that there’s other students out there that doing what they do,” said Andrew Chybowski.

This was the last KSHSAA-planned ensemble festival for the year.