PITTSBURG, Kan. — The City of Pittsburg’s Downtown Advisory Board (DAB) recently announced it will continue to provide grant funding to bring more art to downtown Pittsburg.

The DAB is offering to split matching funds 50/50, not to exceed one thousand dollars. This is the second year they are offering the grant.

For this year DAB has devoted two thousand, and five hundred dollars to bring more art to downtown Pittsburg. Grant applications will be accepted until August, or until all of the funds run out.

“As you know the downtown is growing quickly. we have a lot of new businesses downtown. and the Downtown Advisory Board thought that the mural grant would be a great way to add some color, some energy to our growing downtown,” said Christi Yockey.

Applications are being considered at the regularly scheduled Downtown Advisory Board meetings, held on the third Monday of each month at city hall.

You can view the application link here.