PITTSBURG, Kans. — Something designed in Pittsburg has earned statewide recognition; a coloring book.

It’s called, “Gus the Gorilla Explores Southeast Kansas”, and recently won first place in this year’s “Travel Industry Association of Kansas” marketing awards.

The book was produced by “Explore Crawford County” in partnership with Pitt State University’s “Department of Art” and its “Marketing and Communication” office.

“This coloring book was really more of a selfish project, I mean, we want students and we want kids to know what there is out for them to do in throughout our area, and this was an easy way to do that, I mean, it’s a coloring book. It’s simple. It’s cheesy you know, but it works,” said Chris Wilson, Explore Crawford County.

Copies of the coloring book are available at the city’s Travel Information Center at 117 West 4th Street.

They can also be downloaded from the “Explore Crawford County” website, here.