PITTSBURG, Kan. — Members of the Pittsburg Fire Department did a whole lot of celebrating, today.

They held a ceremonial push-in for their newly acquired fire apparatus.

For the last year, they’ve been in the process of obtaining a new truck that would enhance their everyday services.

The new vehicle runs upwards of a million dollars and was purchased through the city’s previous public safety sales tax, which was renewed by voters in April.

Also, tonight, several firefighters were honored for their work of helping deliver babies during the past six months.

“So, new beginnings for us, it was a new beginning that they had a part in. It just seemed right to not only honor our truck but honor the men that are behind it—the firefighters that are behind it and make this place really work, so, ensuring that they got the recognition that they deserve was big in my mind,” said Taylor Cerne, PFD Fire Chief.

“Everybody will say we don’t do this job for the rewards, but it is nice to get the recognition and the service award for doing something like that. Usually, it’s really bad stuff, but delivering a baby—it’s actually very rewarding,” said Korey Lucian, PFD Firefighter/Paramedic.

On Friday, Pittsburg Fire and Police will host their “Badges and Burgers” event from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at Fire Station-One.

$7 gets you a burger, chips, a drink, and a cookie.

All proceeds will benefit the Children’s Advocacy Center.