PITTSBURG, Kans. — Pittsburg was the place to be this weekend if you’re a fan of hunting and fishing.

The “Albers Marine 17th Annual Hunting and Fishing Show” took place at Memorial Auditorium on Pine Street.

A “Kids Casting Event” cast off Saturday’s events, featuring members of the “Kansas Bass Nation” teaching kids how to fish.

Several vendors were on-site with a plethora of exhibits, including 2023 models of “New Tracker” and “Nitro Boats,” off-road a-t-v’s, taxidermy displays, guide services, and all kinds of hunting and fishing gear.

There was even cozy cabin furniture to try out and a variety of food.

This annual event is also an important day for the local vendors attending the show.

“You know, you got a lot of people that, they’re getting to show their small businesses that may even be a side business to them. You’ve also got some vendors here that do this for a living and it gives them a chance to show the community around what they can do and what they got,” said Kyle Kiister, Ablers Marine Inc.

Kiister also says events like this one are a great way for small businesses to keep their business local, and grow in their own community.