PITTSBURG, Kan. — Pitt State is displaying an exhibit designed to give both younger and older generations a way to interact.

The exhibit was created by Rachel Bodine and is titled “A Wrinkle in Time.”

She wants to bridge the generation gap between generations.

Bodine interviewed some elders in Pittsburg, asking them what one piece of advice they would give to the younger generation.

While viewing the exhibit, individuals are able to scan a QR code, listen to that advice, and then send them a message.

She’s provided resources on the QR code to connect with someone in the older generation.

Those who respond and interact with an elder will receive a surprise giveaway.

“They’ve experienced so many different things from us, and I think they have a lot of things to say. Sometimes, because of their age, they may not be respected as much or seen the same way simply because of their age,” said Rachel Bodine, PSU Senior.

The exhibit will be on display until the end of the month, located on the second floor of the Porter Hall building.