PITTSBURG, Kan. — Some furry friends in Pittsburg got a little TLC this Sunday afternoon – that’s because the Southeast Kansas Humane Society held its 3rd Annual Microchip Clinic.

Vouchers were available for purchase and limited to 10 participants per hour.

Every pet owner was required to bring proof of their up-to-date rabies vaccine upon purchase of the voucher.

The humane society’s animal care team lead says the microchip benefits both the animal and its owner.

“It’s very common for animals to get out and go missing. And it is really unfortunate when that happens. So it’s really beneficial for animals to be microchipped, that way in case they get picked up, people can bring them out here or they can bring them to a vet clinic and we’ll be able to scan them to see if they’re microchipped — and then if they are, we’re able to relocate them back to their family,” said Ramsey Witterstaetter, SEKHS Animal Care Team Lead.

The microchip clinic was available for only dogs and cats.