PITTSBURG, Kans. — The sale of an apartment complex in Pittsburg has resulted in thousands of dollars for nonprofits in Crawford County.

The sale of the Knights of Columbus Tower Apartments last year led to the Pittsburg Broadway Tower Corporation establishing the Knights Of Columbus Endowment Fund with The Community Foundation of Southeast Kansas.

The tower apartments were designed to address housing needs in the community, which it did for 40 years.

The endowment fund is designed to do the same. A total of 10 nonprofits are splitting more than $53,000.

“Housing needs, low-income housing, and just housing support are really big topics and really big needs for Crawford County and about every community in the nation. The fact that The Knights of Columbus is going to be providing grants each year to support that for local needs is just fantastic and we’re really proud to partner with them on the initiative,” said Devin Gorman, CFSEK Executive Director.

“I guess you can say the rest is history. It’s kind of come full circle. Most of us have been on the board for the 40 years so we’ve always dreamt at some point being able to give back to the community,” said Jeff Wilbert, Knights of Columbus Board President.

The endowment fund is also an annual competitive grant process.