MIAMI, Okla. – An autopsy report released Wednesday shows an Ottawa County woman had methamphetamine in her system when she was fatally shot and beaten up over an alleged romantic relationship with a married man.

Toni Elizabeth Moran, 47, of North Miami, died on Nov. 1 from multiple gunshot wounds to her head and body and the cause of death is listed as homicide, according to an autopsy report.

Being held for Moran’s death is Jimmy Gene Kelly Jr., 51, and his wife Charlana Nichelle Kelly, 52, of Miami.

Moran was also known as Tony Elizabeth Torres.   

A toxicology report shows Moran had methamphetamine in her system and a trace of amphetamine.  Antidepressants were also detected in Moran’s system, but not confirmed, the autopsy report states.

Moran’s body had 12 abrasions, including a laceration to the victim’s tongue and a contusion to the left side of her head.  

Jimmy Kelly is charged with murder in the first degree in Indian Country and by causing death by using and discharging a firearm in relation to a crime of violence, both federal charges.

He told federal investigators he was having a “relationship” with Moran that caused his wife, Charlana to become jealous and he had “arranged a confrontation” between both women, according to federal court records.

During the heated confrontation, Moran said she “would be better off dead” so Jimmy Kelly handed her a loaded gun and she shot herself in the head, the complaint states.  Moran’s actions prompted Jimmy Kelly to pick up the revolver and shoot Moran, the complaint states.

Jimmy Kelly attempted to conceal Moran’s body by dragging it off the road, the complaint states.

An informant provided an audio recording to investigators where Jimmy Kelly can be heard saying he shot Moran in the head and concealed the body near water and Charlana also shot Moran, the complaint states.

Jimmy Gene Kelly, formally of Picher, was convicted of second-degree murder in 1991 in the death of Vernon C. Moyer.

Testimony showed Kelly beat Moyer with tire tools and nearly decapitated the Picher man.

His federal trial is set for July 18.

Charlana Nichelle Kelly is charged in Ottawa County District Court with accessory to murder after the fact.  She has denied any involvement in Moran’s slaying.  She is free on a reduced bail of $25,000 and is to return to court March 16, online records show.

Using the name Tony Torres, Moran was found insane in the 2003 drowning death of her 17-month-old son, Alex.  She was allowed to leave a mental hospital in 2011, after it was ruled, she was not a danger to society.