TULSA – A Delaware County man was sentenced to 30 years for sexually abusing a toddler who is a resident of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.

Billy Scott McDonald, 48, of Rose, will serve his time at a federal prison in Texas, after pleading guilty in Nov. 2022 to aggravated sexual abuse of a minor in Indian Country, production of child pornography, and possession of or access with intent to view child pornography.

“Billy Scott McDonald not only engaged in sexual acts with a toddler. He also photographed the sexual acts resulting in the producing and possessing child pornography charges,” said U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson in a prepared statement.

Mugshot provided by Mayes County Sheriff’s Department

McDonald photographed and recorded himself sexually abusing the 2-year-old toddler in 2022, court records show. He confessed to investigators he had “sexual thoughts about children for a very long time” and often tried to “keep himself away from children to avoid getting in trouble,” court records show.

McDonald is not American Indian, but the alleged crime occurred in the boundaries of the Cherokee Nation reservation.

The community of Rose is a small unincorporated rural community located in Delaware County and extends into Mayes County.