GRANBY, Mo. — Big improvements are coming to the wastewater system in Granby.

“We hear the citizens, we are moving forward, and our goal is to grow just like they want to, and to provide them with the amenities that they deserve,” said Jamie Conway, Mayor of Granby.

Monday was a big day in Granby, as city officials broke ground on a project they’ve been discussing since 2019: upgrading their wastewater system.

“In the past, water has been infiltrating our system during heavy rainfall, which is causing our system not to be able to treat the water/sewage as quickly as we need it to do,” said Jamie Conway, Mayor of Granby.

“Wastewater and sewer are what we are addressing here. The modifications to the plant will make it easier for the operators to operate,” said Ira Hawkins, Former Mayor of Granby.

The city will be adding a new basin near the plant to collect runoff and will be expanding the plant to be better equipped to handle an influx of waste.

After sending her “golden shovel” into the dirt, Mayor Conway told us how excited she is, claiming Monday’s groundbreaking is a direct result of listening to the people.

“They said, ‘We want a water system, we want new water lines,’ and that was my push. But the voters said, ‘Wait a second, we voted a bond in 2019, why haven’t you made that sewer happen?’ So, I’m here to say, the sewer is happening, we are moving forward,” said Conway.

And according to Mayor Conway, this is simply the first step in improving the city’s water system.

“We are working on our water system behind the scenes right now, to get our funding lined out, we have engineers creating the designs, we’ve passed the bond, they passed it, the citizens want it. We’re not slowing down, this train is moving forward,” said Conway.

The project has a timeline of 480 days, with Mayor Conway saying residents shouldn’t expect any inconveniences besides a gradual increase in their water bills, which has already begun.