DIAMOND, Mo. — Construction is already a focus at the Diamond R-IV School District, something Supt. Dr. Keith White hopes to continue after the current project wraps up.

“We’ve got a no tax levy increase bond issue that we’re asking this question. For us to build a new early childhood center here at the school,” said Dr. Keith White, Diamond R-IV Supt.

The proposed project would sit just North of the elementary school, next to the current construction to add secure school entrances.

“This provides a lot of opportunities for us to improve our learning for little guys, for the pre-kindergarten, kindergarten. And then also enough for us to be able to do some renovations in the rest of school and make some of the other classrooms that are more age-appropriate and do the renovations that are needed there for future growth as well for the upper grades,” said White.

remodeling some key areas of the existing campus.

“The oldest part of the building is what we need to renovate some of the ADA ramps and the bathrooms and things and doors are tight. And so by us being able to move our early childhood into this center, we could go back and do those renovations without it affecting kids in the classroom,” said White.

Dr. White says the planning now will play a crucial role if current trends continue.

“We’ve had a lot of growth in our district over the last three years we’ve, you know, we’ve we were on our mission. Everyone knows what our mission is for our school district. And we just want to continue to grow and improve. And the main reason is for effective instruction, teaching, and learning in the classroom so that we can be the very best school that we can be for the kids in our community. And so that people will choose Diamond,” said White.

The project is estimated at six million dollars.

Voters will decide on April 4th.