GRANBY, Mo. — The same grounds that used to be home to a very rich mining deposit are the same grounds that the city celebrates that history on.

It happens every year on Main Street in Granby.

The weekend-long celebration highlights the mining history that created the town we know it as today.

Bounce houses, games, a petting zoo, and even a local Christian choir were there for everyone to enjoy – as well as food trucks and different vendors from all over the area.

The event is always free and open to anyone, and organizers say they love seeing people from all over come together to have some fun.

“It’s a growth not only for just the department heads and employees of the city to be able to talk to people, but it’s a way to unwind. We get to talk about other things than just work. I’m getting ready to get into the dunk booth, and I’ve been told there’s quite a line waiting to dunk me. It’s just a good fun way to get out and have some clean fun, let the kids enjoy themselves, and get a good sunburn,” said Chief Rico Engberg, Granby Police Department.

And Chief Engberg wasn’t joking – as you can see in these images – he certainly went in that water.

He provided plenty of laughs to his community and his son.