DIAMOND, Mo. — Visitors to the “George Washington Carver National Monument” got a look at how George spent his Christmas.

Kiddos got to make rag dolls, paper ornaments, pomanders, and more, all out of common household items.

The park’s “Holiday Open House” also offered cookies, hot cocoa, and a local band called “Robin’s Hood” to make spirits bright.

Visitors even got to see George’s handwritten and painted Christmas cards.

It’s a way to get folks involved and learn more about what the park has to offer to the community.

“Hey, this is your National Park, come on out and visit it. And because the weather is so beautiful today, we’re watching them and they’re just walking that beautiful trail, they’re learning about this National Park. They’re learning about George Washington Carver which is our goal here,” said Diane Eilenstein, Park Ranger.

“We’re huge on family here. It’s why we love volunteering at George Washington Carver, because families come here together so, we love getting to see everybody together and the parents and kids getting to do an activity together,” said Katie Andrews, Volunteer.

The “George Washington Carver National Monument” has plenty of family events to check out in the new year.

They’re also looking for volunteers right now.

Anyone interested in checking out those events, or becoming a volunteer, can do so on the National Park Service website.