GRANBY, Mo. — The Granby City Council met tonight (1/10) to discuss a city-wide problem that will only get worse if it’s not property addressed soon, the mayor claimed. Among several issues on the council agenda, Granby Mayor, Ira Hawkins said the most important topic was the state of Granby’s water infrastructure, which is in need of major repair, Hawkins stated.

Council members seemed to agree about the current state of Granby’s water issues, and voted unanimously on a city ordinance that will put an $11 million bond issue on the April 4th ballot. If a majority of voters approve the measure, the money would be used on a major upgrade to the city’s water infrastructure.

“Instead of just kicking this can down the road for years to come, we’re finally going to take the tiger by the tail and fix these things that need to be fixed,” said Mayor Hawkins.

“Judging by the comments made by the people in the audience tonight, you could tell that they know the city needs water improvements,” said Granby Municipal Advisor, Edward McLiney.

Also at tonight’s meeting, the city council voted unanimously not to implement three proposed ordinances that would have increased water, sewer, and gas rates by 2% each.

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Meanwhile, the city of Granby is looking for its next police chief. The retirement of former chief, Jacob Kelly went into effect at the end of 2022. Seth Blevins is currently serving as the city’s interim police chief.